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American Biochemical & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is devoted to  manufacturing and supplying the health care and clinical diagnostics  fields worldwide with the products necessary to continue to enhance the  understanding of hemostasis, thrombosis, and platelet function.
Over twenty years ago, ABP started supplying Ristocetin Sulfate to the  hemostasis laboratories throughout the world to help diagnose von  Willebrand Disease (vWD).  When the original manufacturer decided to  stop producing this unique product essential in the testing of vWD, ABP  stepped in and acquired the manufacturing rights and technology to  ensure the continued supply of Ristocetin Sulfate.  As a result,  Ristocetin CoFactor Activity and RIPA still remain today as the gold  standards in the testing for vWD.  Today, ABP offers a wide variety of  products in the healthcare and clinical diagnosis fields.

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DB Biotech is focused on the design and production of high quality rabbit clonal antibodies developed by a novel  and proprietary in-vitro cloning technology  which has been developed and perfected by the DBB scientific team over a  period of 20 years. DB Biotech monospecific clonal antibodies are  uniquely characterized by exceptional specificity, affinity and avidity.
The DB Biotech in-vitro cloning technology enables the preparation of  a pure immunoglobulin fraction corresponding to a single clone of B  lymphocytes. The obtained immunoglobulin recognizes only one single  linear epitope on the antigen molecule, making a DB Biotech antibody  comparable in quality to its monoclonal analogue.
In addition, the influence of the protein tertiary structure –  frequently present in epitopes formed during production of monoclonal  antibodies – is eliminated in the immunoglobulins corresponding to the  clonal antibody. DB Biotech produced antibodies correspond strictly to  the conserved linear epitope of the antigen molecule, yielding a  higher-quality, more specific antibody with significantly better  affinity and avidity.


AnshLabsin tuotteet käsittävät testikittejä lisääntymislääketieteelliseen, neurologiseen ja syöpätutkimukseen. Niitä käytetään translationaalisessa lääketieteessä, prekliinisten markkerien testauksessa sekä kliinisissä laboratorioissa.

Biomerica is  a global biomedical technology company that offers advanced in-vitro diagnostic solutions. We develop, patent, manufacture and market IVD products. Our primary research and development focus is on gastrointestinal and inflammatory diseases where we have multiple diagnostic and therapeutic products in clinical trials.

Epitope Diagnostics Inc.
 (EDI) strives to develop, manufacture, and  market the highest quality  and most innovated in-vitro diagnostics (IVD)  products to the global  research, pharmaceutical, and healthcare  community. We seek to become a  major contributor in resolving the unmet  medical needs of the world.


immunoturbidimetriset testit (IVD)

Nämä reagenssit soveltuvat useimmille analysaattoreille, kuten
Roche, Cobas, Hitachi, Beckman, Olympus, Siemens, Bayer, Dade, Abbott, Alfa Wassermann ja useat muut.

Microtransferrin Assay Reagent

Fully automated immunoturbidimetric assay for the quantitative
measurement of urine samples on chemistry analyzers.

♦ Assay Range: 5 - 800 µg/dL.
♦ No sample dilution.   ♦ Liquid, ready to use reagents.
♦ May be a more sensitive indicator of diabetic nephropathy.
♦ Application parameters available for most chemistry analyzers. Contact us for information.

β-2 Microglobulin Assay Reagent

Fully automated immunoturbidimetric assay for the quantitative
measurement of serum or urine samples on chemistry analyzers.

♦ Assay Range: 0.2 - 80 mg/L (serum),   0.03 - 8 mg/L (urine).
♦ No sample dilution.   ♦ Liquid, ready to use reagents.
♦ Can be used with serum / plasma samples or urine samples,
  depending on calibrator.
♦ Application parameters available for most chemistry analyzers.
  Contact us for information.
RF (Ver.2) Assay Reagent
Introducing the new, improved   K-ASSAY ® RF (Ver.2) assay,
a highly sensitive, latex-enhanced, quantitative assay for
measuring Rheumatoid Factor in patient serum or plasma.

♦ Adaptable to most chemistry analyzers - Contact Us for details
♦ Very sensitive (LoQ = 6.65 IU/mL)     ♦ Very wide range (up to 600 IU/mL)
♦ No prozone effect up to the highest sample tests (1,700 IU/mL)
♦ Standardized to the NIBSC Rheumatoid Arthritis Serum,
  64/002 reference material
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