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Privacy protection principles

Identity of the controller:  
Bio-Mediator Ky, Linnaistentie 5, 01640 Vantaa, Finland Tel: +358-9-852 4898,

Name of the record: Customer registry of Bio-Mediator Ky.

The purpose to process and keep the data: The registry is for marketing and handling of orders of our customers  which consist of companies and institutions under public administration.

Data content of the registry:
The registry includes only name, email address and possibly phone  number, job title, workplace and title. The registry may contain  information of products and/or related matters ordered by a person. The  registry does not contain social security numbers or other personal  information than listed above.

Regular sources of information:
Fairs, customer visits, customer calls, contact details given in the web  shop. Other possible customer contacts. Customer web sites. Scientific  publications. Registries provided by marketing companies and partners.

Regular data exchange:
We do not exchange data regulary.

Data transfer ouside EU or ETA:
We do not transfer data outside EU or ETA to third party processors without customer aproval.

Data security:
The registry is kept in electronic form on company computers and servers  of the companies of the accounting software and CRM (customer relation  management).

Right to check the data:
Every person has a right to get their information in our registry and  the ways we have collected it. To do that the person should make a  request either by phone, mail or email.
Right to demand correction and removal: If our registry has errors the  person may demand us to correct them. Also every person may demand us to  remove personal information.

Right to demand correction and removal:
If our registry has errors the person may demand us to correct them.  Also every person may demand us to remove personal information.

Date of publication: 24.05.2018

Linnaistentie 5
01640 Vantaa

Tel. +358 40 562 9574               
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