Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology

Molecular biology concerns the molecular basis of biological activity between the various systems of a cell, including the interactions between DNA, RNA and proteins and their biosynthesis, as well as the regulation of these interactions.

For molecular biology we offer RNA and DNA reagents, probes, stains, oligosynthesis, genotyping kits and services, extraction kits, devices and services.

Small particles, great properties


Nanovex Biotechnologies SL is an innovative technology-based spin off from the University of Oviedo founded in 2014 that provides a wide range of services and products in the nanobiotechnology field.

Pronanosomes are ready-to-use formulations to obtain nanovesicles, in a fast and easy way, able to encapsulate a wide range of compounds such as hydrophilic and lipophilic molecules, peptides, proteins…

Gold, silver, carbon, PLGA and magnetic particles

Transfectosome is a new and highly effective transfection reagent based on nanovesicles and developedby Nanovex Biotechnologies.

The Nanovex-SEC5K allows quick and economical purifications (protein, nanovesicle or nucleic acid).

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Abingdon Health
Abingdon Health manufactures nucleic acid lateral flow immunoassays (NALFIA), called PCRD, which can be used as an alternative to using DNA agarose gel electrophoresis. Taking only 10 minutes to detect the successful amplification of target DNA sequences PCRD is the choice for busy laboratories wanting fast results.
Antibodies & Supporting Tools, Apoptosis, Biochemicals, Cell Damage & Oxidative Stress, Cell Fractionation Kits, Cell Proliferation & Cytotoxicity, Cytokines, Growth Factors & Hormones, Diabetes, Obesity & Metabolic Syndrome, Epigenetics, Fluorescent Proteins, Metabolism Assays, Molecular Biology Tools, Protein A/G/L & Affinity Conjugates, Protein Extraction & Purification, Proteins and Enzymes, Signal Transduction, StayBrite™ Highly Stable Luciferase & Related Products, Stem Cell Research Tools, Laboratory Accessories.
LGC Biosearch Technologies
Stellaris® RNA FISH Probes, oligonukleotidisynteesiä, reagensseja
Innovative antimicrobial products for microbiology, virology, cell biology, cancer research, plant biology.
Biotinylated Reagents, Cell Lines, Chemical Building Blocks, Cytochrome P450 Tools, Heterobifunctional Linkers, Molecular Probes, Research Reagents
Nucleic acid extraction kits, PCR & qPCR reagents, RNA analysis, educational kits, enzymes & proteins, gel electrophoresis, PCR diagnostic kits.
MedChemexpress (MCE) provides a wide range of research chemicals and biochemicals including novel life-science reagents, reference compounds, APIs and Natural compounds for laboratory and scientific use. MCE has an enthusiastic, energetic and friendly Technical and Customer Support team with years of experience in the Life Science industry. MCE pays great attention on the purity, stability and activity of the compounds
Cytokine Reagents / Human, Cytokine Reagents / Murine - Rat, Soluble Receptors, ELISA-Kits, Antibodies, Functional Antibodies "Angio-Proteomie", Control IgGs, Human recombinant Proteins made in Nicotiana benthamiana services: Production of recombinant proteins in insect cells, Production of recombinant proteins in E. coli, Preparations of recombinant proteins for special customer purposes
DNA dyes, DNA Polymerases,PCR and qPCR Mixes, PCR Buffers & Reagents, Nucleotides, Electrophoresis, Ready-Mixed Buffer
Cell Biolabs
ELISA kits for: Cell Based Assays, Cell Signaling and Protein Biology, Infectious Disease Research, microRNA Analysis, Oxidative Stress / Damage, Stem Cell Research, Viral Expression.
Gold Nanoparticles, Functionalized Gold Nanomaterials, Nanogold® Labeling Reagents, Recombinant Protein Detection, Ni-NTA-Nanogold®, GoldiBlot™, Nanogold® Conjugates, AuroVist™, FluoroNanogold™, Gold Lipids, Silver Enhancement, GoldEnhance, EnzMet™, Negative Staining, Conducting Polymers, Undecagold, Colloidal Gold.
Antibodies & secondary detection, Biochemical Reagents for Nitric Oxide (NO) Studies, Biotin Derivatives, Cytosolic Tracers and Related Products, Enzyme Substrates, Fluorescent Calcium Indicators and Related Products, Fluorescent Cl, pH and Zinc Indicators, Fluorescent Membrane and Membrane Potential Dyes, Natural Products and Their Fluorescent Conjugates, Nucleic Acid Stains (GelRed, GelGreen) and Products for Genomics Studies, Proteomics products, Reactive Dyes and Related Reagents, Bioscience Kits
FortiusBio has developed several new filter card devices to easily sample, extract, transport and eluate RNA and DNA from various matrices.
A wide range of services and products in the nanobiotechnology field: nanovesicles, nanoparticles, SEC columns.
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