Toronto Research Chemicals

Toronto Research Chemicals, TRC was founded in 1982 to manufacture and supply researchers in the biomedical fields with specialized complex organic small molecules not otherwise commercially available.

TRC currently offers an extensive catalogue in excess of 100,000 products with an extensive inventory for immediate shipment.

Toronto Research Chemicals

MitoView Dyes

MitoView™ dyes are fluorogenic mitochondrial stains for live cells. The dyes rapidly accumulate in mitochondria and can be imaged without washing. They are available with blue, green, far-red, and near-infrared fluorescence.


Rapidly stain mitochondria in live cells without washing
Bright, photostable, and non-toxic
Monitor mitochondrial membrane potential with MitoView™ 633
Potential-independent MitoView™ Green can also stain fixed cells
MitoView™ 720 unique near-IR mitochondrial dye
Available in four colors

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Small particles, great properties


Nanovex Biotechnologies SL is an innovative technology-based spin off from the University of Oviedo founded in 2014 that provides a wide range of services and products in the nanobiotechnology field.

Pronanosomes are ready-to-use formulations to obtain nanovesicles, in a fast and easy way, able to encapsulate a wide range of compounds such as hydrophilic and lipophilic molecules, peptides, proteins…

Gold, silver, carbon, PLGA and magnetic particles

Transfectosome is a new and highly effective transfection reagent based on nanovesicles and developedby Nanovex Biotechnologies.

The Nanovex-SEC5K allows quick and economical purifications (protein, nanovesicle or nucleic acid).

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We are happy to offer you the high quality products from the company BQC-Bioquochem SL.

They manufacture a good selection of kits and reagents in the following categories:

Caspase Activity Assays
Cellular Assay Kits
Fluorescent Probes
Food Analysis Line
Oxidative stress
Protein Quantification Reagents
Transfection Line

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